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Part 4 of 4 reasons why you should use a broker instead of a bank for your mortgage.

HousingWire sat down with AIME Chairman Anthony Casa to discuss how brokers provide homebuyers with year-round low rates.

Reason #4
Q. Can real estate agents benefit by partnering with a mortgage broker?

A. There’s no question! In fact, real estate agents and mortgage brokers have a lot in common. They both want the home-buying process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Also, they want the new homeowner to be happy with their purchase. That’s how they get referrals! Plus, a mortgage broker can help them get them into a bigger home and outbid other buyers — all while staying within their monthly payment budget. The truth is, homebuyers may forget who funded their loan, but they’ll remember their real estate agent — and a mortgage broker can make them look like the hero. It’s a perfect partnership!

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