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I want you to know this- for this is something that I truly believe is coming our way-MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES ARE GOING LOWER-AND POSSIBLY TO THEIR LOWEST!  If this is something that you’re interested in taking advantage of for your home, you must have all your paperwork in place, otherwise you’ll miss the opportunity to be the one that hits the jackpot and catches it when it’s down at its lowest.  For me to lock in your rate when we think it has hit the bottom (for it’s not there yet), as we listen to the concerns of the talks in China, and the unrest of the Middle East, we’re talking of bad global economic news for the USA, which is good news for the US Treasury Bonds and in turn, great news for mortgage interest rates.  Other factors such as the Fed cutting rates at their next meeting and if they do at the end of July- will it be a .25 pt. or might they cut even more?  Other foreign global economies are cutting their bond rates as noted below in the article written by one of the gurus for the mortgage marketplace.  But we could see a touch and go situation which I’ve seen perhaps only 3 times during my 21 year mortgage industry career. It could be there and gone within hours as it was one time when the surge of people wanting to get a mortgage was phenomenal and the banks had to stop taking in any more loans as they could not handle the flow!  This I can tell you without hesitation that it was only the fortunate few that had their loans already in process and ready to go that were able to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity and get locked in to have their mortgage loan eventually closed at that rate, for they were in process and ready to go.  So let’s be ready together.  Please.  I don’t ever want to beg you to save money- but this is coming.  The following is what this mortgage advisor is suggesting for us to do.  Another is simply saying- be prepared.  It could happen at any moment, just like something as terrible as 9/11 did. No comparison other than to say it would be my advice for you to set the table and complete the online application at your earliest convenience as part of being prepared.  It is found at:


Once submitted, and before anything else is done, I will call you, go over the possibilities of what your new loan will look like, ascertain that your new loan will be beneficial for you and your desires, and then move forward according to  whatever you want your next steps to be.  Please call me at 910-332-0650 if you have any questions whatsoever.

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