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Bring on the warmer weather!

Is it March 1st yet? With lower interest rates and more inventory on the markets, many are predicting a rebound for home sales this spring. This was not a leap year, so February was a very short month. It seemed like it just started, but now February is getting ready to end. For many who dealt with snow and cold, they’re pretty happy to be saying goodbye to February. Government workers are especially happy as they spent part of February with the threat of another government shutdown hanging over their heads. They’re happy to say that this did not happen.

The cleanup from the snow and the government shutdown continues, and we will finally see a report on economic growth for the fourth quarter this week. This comes as the first quarter is two-thirds of the way through. The jobs report for February will be delayed until March 8th — not because of the shutdown, but because February is such a short month and the first Friday of March falls on March 1st. Check out ABBA First Mortgage rates this weekend as we start a new month with a bang of lower rates to bring on new business!

One thing is for sure, spring is around the corner. This means not only will the snow be melting, but warmer temperatures will bring people out of their houses. A key barometer of the health of the real estate market is coming. Will those wandering outside be going to open houses and writing sales contracts? Once again we cry, bring on the warmer weather!

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