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Future home buyers are preparing themselves to buy sooner rather than later.

Consumers view homeownership as a priority and say they’re willing to make significant compromises in order to purchase a home, according to a survey of more than 1,000 consumers considering a home purchase, conducted by the online brokerage firm Sixty-nine percent of survey respondents say they’re concerned they won’t have enough cash for a down payment in order to buy a home. As such, they’re willing to forgo some financial goals and investments to make sure they save enough. Respondents said that saving for a home takes priority over saving for an emergency (61 percent) or contributing to retirement funds (60 percent). Seventy-two percent of survey respondents said they would limit their contributions to other investment funds in order to save enough to buy a home. Surveyed consumers also say they’re willing to compromise on some elements of the home if it means they can move into a home this year. For example, 51 percent said they would consider buying a fixer-upper, and 36 percent said they would purchase a smaller home than what they desire. Source: USA Today

ABBA First Mortgage offers buyers no down and low down payments to ensure the buyer has enough funds to close on their new home purchase.  Several loan programs allow for lower credit scores while other loan programs reward clients with higher credit scores.  Please give us a call at 866-676-3349 to discuss the options available for your personal home mortgage.  We are the place that you’ll find your best overall mortgage experience with an A+ rating from the BBB and an impeccable record after 12 years years of providing clients with low rate mortgages.  Call us.  You will be glad you did.

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