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May you have a blessed Holiday and a Merry Christmas

As we wind down our day this Christmas Eve and get ready to close by noon, we’re thankful to all of our friends and clients that have sent us warm wishes and seasons greetings through numerous cards and emails. It has been a wonderful year and we are always grateful this season to the One that came to earth and was born in a manger who was eventually going to fulfill the plan of salvation that God had planned for each one of us since the beginning of time. It’s hard to believe and it seems like such a far out story, but I know it to be true, for I’ve experienced it rather than just read about it or heard about it. And that is why when we began the quest of having a name for our mortgage company, ABBA (God) First was so fitting at the time and it still is today. So from our hearts to your homes, we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Mortgage interest rates are expexted to hold steady and may actually improve as we head into the new year. It is my suggestion that you “set the table” and complete your full application that is found on our website and allow ABBA First to assist you in being ready to lock in your rate at a moment’s notice. You can never be too sure when the rates may turn around and go the opposite direction and spike upwards. Call me and let’s discuss rates, fees, or whatever you may want to talk about that concerns you. I’m available at 910-332-0650 ext.101.

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