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Oil prices drop! So do mortgage rates!

As you drive down the street, pass a Gas Station, and see the price per gallon, have you noticed that it seems to be going down a few pennies almost daily?  This drop in price is because the selling price of a barrel of oil on the stock exchange has also dropped and eventually the domino effect typically reaches the MBS market.  In turn, mortgage interest rates have dropped causing a down turn in long term interrest rates.  Today, ABBA  First is offering a discounted rate of 4.50% for a 30 year mortgage.  That’s another industry leading rate in NC for qualified clients.  Call us at 910-332-0650 and apply today for your mortgage.  Don’t delay!  We have seen this happen before where the see-saw principal comes into play.  Start your application process now and set the table before the market takes an upswing.

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