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Our Holiday gift to you

Here is a holiday business opportunity as our gift to you. Do you have a debt elimination plan? Credit card balances are up but so may be your home equity. The average increase in credit card debt last holiday season was over $1,000.  Home equity is at a peak!  How can we help you?  Can we help you try a plan to eliminate all debt?  Here is a quick, but wonderful illustration (comparison) about the impact of a refi.

If you have a $300k mortgage at 4% ($1,432) and $50k in credit card debt at 18% ($1,250), that total monthly payment is $2,682.  Without any negotiating and just for comparisons sake, after refinancing both of these debts together at 5%, your payment will be $1,879, saving you $803 monthly.  And here’s the beautiful part of this equation- if you take the additional $803 that you were paying (which totaled the $2682) and put it towards your mortgage by pre-paying down your principal, you will pay off your 30 year mortgage in 18 years and 2 months.

Please let ABBA First make your dreams come true.  Use a debit card instead of a credit card and follow the steps that we’ve outlined for you above and you will be the recipient of our Holiday gift for you which simply put is a plan for big savings.

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