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The cost of a borrower having a lower credit score. ABBA First Mortgage can help you!

Homebuyers carrying a lower credit score can wind up paying $21,000 more than a buyer with an excellent credit score. On a national level, recent data shows that a borrower with an “excellent” credit score could get a home loan with an annual percentage rate approximately 0.6% lower than a borrower with a “fair” credit score. The borrower with the “fair” credit score would thus spend $700 more per year for the typical home. In pricier housing markets, the extra dollars paid would be significantly greater.  “When you buy a home, your financial history determines your financial future,” said Zillow Senior Economist Aaron Terrazas. “Homebuyers with weaker credit end up paying substantially higher costs over the lifetime of a home loan. Of course, homeowners do have the option to refinance their loan if their credit improves, but as interest rates rise this may be a less attractive option.”  Source: Zillow 

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