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ABBA First posts lowest rates ever for purchases!

When browsing through several wholesale lenders to choose between for the lowest rates from across the country, ABBA First is excited to be able to post rates that are lower than anything that they’ve not only ever posted, but that they’ve ever seen.  If you are considering purchasing a home, NOW is the time to do it!  And refinance rates aren’t that far behind the lowest rates that offered on their website for those that are purchasing.  There are no “catches” but of course you must be a qualified borrower to obtain the best rates being quoted.  Please call 910-332-0650 and see what rate you are eligible for and allow ABBA First to meet your needs and desires with the lowest rate and terms (fees) available in the market based upon your qualifications.  Rich and Maureen Biagini are happy to work with you and for you to serve you well and treat you as they themselves would want to be treated.  Call 910-332-0650 or go to and see for yourself the wonderful opportunity that you too may be able to take full advantage of.

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